OntecFastLane is a fully automated, intelligent vehicle and distribution terminal control system developed for truck loading terminals. The system tells the driver where to drive, when to prepare and when his shift will come.

Using FastLane at fuel distribution terminal truck drivers and terminal operators have real-time, comprehensive information on the operation of the area and equipment, as well as on the product range.

The system suggests the driver the best loading bay option, taking into account load information and queue situation. If desired, the driver can also skip the option offered. Waiting list of the loading bay shows the first on call vehicles and their total number. Queuing to loading area is systematic and flexible. In the same time the safety management of the loading area is made easier when there are no extra drivers and vehicles.

At a glance driver, and operator can see all the information:

  • open and closed loading areas
  • liquids to be loaded by loading bays and -arms
  • loading bay -specific observations and markings
  • number of vehicles waiting in line to the loading bay
  • real-time status of running loadings
  • colour code indicates when the load shift occurs
  • FastLanen benefits


    The safety management is easyer

    Speeds up operations, reduces traffic jams and wasted time
    The loading queue is flexible, status of loadigs is visible real-time
    Browser based system, anywhere and when ever you need

    Maintenance work and changes in the product range are visible in real time for both drivers and operators, not unnecessary traffic to closed loading areas.

    The system promotes the process in a multi-level way and drivers can return to the roadside faster.