OntecOGC – Process control system

OntecOGC – Process control system offers a reliable way to monitor your process automation and its safety at all levels. The system helps you to asses the efficiency of your production, analyze problems and save valuable resources. All actions are saved in the program data log, which increases traceability and security.

OntecOGC Control room is designed specific to fulfil customer’s needs. Well built-up Control room combines data from different systems and multiple locations into easy-to-understand solution. The control room view can be made also with user-specific settings, taking into account the person’s access rights to different systems. The system can be built as a browser-based system to work anywhere, regardless of location and device in use.

In the OntecOGC control room, the operation of the devices can be viewed in real time as well as the measurement and transaction history can be browsed. The software guides the user with various signals and supports future actions. The signals produced by the control room software, e.g., alarms, can be forwarded by text messages, e-mails or e.g., messages also to Virve-network.

Ontec control room software can be used to build a seamlessly functioning solution. It can be integrated with the necessary measurements, our products, as well as your company’s own ERP and other software. Our customers have often connected our following products to the OGC system: Ontec RTA – Real-Time-Access software and OntecRTM – Real-Time-Maintenance software.

ONTEC -products OntecOGC Process control system

  • OnatexMID – MID- and ATEX-approved liquid measuring system
  • Ontec MiloX – Integrated liquid loading system
  • OnatexHeat – ATEX -approved trace heating system
  • OntecRTA – Real Time Access, Security and safety system
  • OntecReport – Reporting software
  • OntecRTM – Real Time Maintenance, Service and record software
  • OntecRTS – Real Time Service 24/7
  • OntecFireExt – Fire extinguishing system
  • OntecDiary – For event documentation
  • Devices: grounding and overfill devices
  • OntecOGC benefits

    Visualize overall situation at one glance

    Work in a control room becomes more efficient as awareness grows and decisions are based on a wider range of data
    The signals produced by the control room software can be forwarded by text messages, e-mails or e.g., messages also to Virve-network

    A clear, visual view makes easier to observe and speeds up the response to different situations

    A modern user-centric control room is the key to better safety and a functional working environment.