The solution is Product Conformity 1/3

MID and ATEX certified software and control systems are the core competencies of our operations. Our products cover the entire fuel logistics chain from the refinery to the customer’s tank. Operation in demanding conditions requires special features of both the products and the operation.

Conformity means meeting the requirements of the legislation so that the products are safe and reliable to use. These legal requirements include various EU directives, regulations, national and international legislation, and decisions. The legislation also defines the responsibilities for ensuring conformity for manufacturers, importers, and distributors.

Directives and requirements that affect our products and operations are:

  • Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU
  • ATEX-directive 2014/34/EU
  • OIML R 117-1
  • WELMEC 7.2 and WELMEC 8.8 (WELMEC – the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology)
  • JIG-standard

Measuring Instruments Directive, MID

The MID Directive sets down the requirements on the design and performance of measuring instruments for the distribution of liquids in the oil, gas, and chemical industries in relation to metrological performance, physical and mechanical characteristics and legal obligations.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to demonstrate conformity with the essential requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive in accordance with the harmonised standards or the normative OIML documents. The technical requirements for liquid fuel measurement systems come from the recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) R 117–1. These recommendations have been approved by the European Commission in as a normative document and can be used to demonstrate compliance.


ATEX – atmosphèes explosibles – Special requirements for electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres concern, among other things, explosion protection structure, electrical safety, commissioning -, verification -, periodic – and maintenance inspections.  The safety of potentially explosive atmospheres consists of a number of interrelated requirements. ATEX 2014/34/EU is a so-called Equipment Directive, which defines, among other things, the characteristics of the device, starting from the components.

CE marking

For the user of the device, compliance is indicated, in the CE marking. With the help of the CE mark, the manufacturer of the product indicates and guarantees that the product meets the essential requirements of EU directives and regulations. The labelling in these product groups is supervised by authorities such as Tukes and, if necessary, intervenes.

CE – mark of OnatexHeat – trace heating system


OntecJetAir is a JIG compatible aviation fuel quality management system, read more about it in our article:

Ontec product standards

A product standard is a document that identifies the requirements for a product. By working with industry requirements for twenty years, we have developed several type approved, standardized products:

  • OnatexMID – MID MI-005 and ATEX approved liquid measuring system
  • OntecMiloX – EU Module B -type approved liquid loading and measurement system for ATEX areas
  • OntecHeat – ATEX approved trace heating system

Target planned product development is part of our operations. The life cycle of products is built with strong industry experience, high-quality software code and durable components into reliable entities even in demanding conditions. We also pay special attention to their scalability when the customer’s needs change, as well as interchangeability in fault situations. The product life cycle is maximized for the customer’s use with a predictive maintenance program during the operating period.

Product standards are a competitive advantage for us, we have developed products to meet the requirements and suit the needs of our customers. They are immediately ready entities for installation on new sites, as turnkey solutions.

Series of articles

This is the first article in a series of articles about Product Conformity. The next section focuses on our operations as a company and what it means in our practical work daily.