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We are leading experts in our field and regularly consult our clients in OGC and aviation fuel handling related matters all around the world. Today many clients turning to us are looking for information regarding measuring instrument directive MID MI-005 compliant loading and measuring systems.

Our consultation services are tailor-made to fit your need. Typical areas of consultation are: situation analysis, needs assessment, solution proposal, preplanning, European Union MID questions, software and integratebility considerations related to software etc.

Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

Ontec product training

Even the safest systems become vulnerable if the users are not properly trained. As the years go by, the employees change or get transferred and it may well be, that nobody using the system, has been trained to do so by the actual manufacturer. User and system safety can be kept high by regular training. allowing you to utilise the full potential of the system, every day of the year.

We can also train your employees to problem shoot or resolve errors. Training can take place in groups of 1-20 persons at convenient for you time, several language options possible.