OntecJetAir – keeps you up to date with all functions according to the JIG standard

OntecJetAir is a JIG compatible aviation fuel quality management system. It helps to operate aviation fuel storages and refuelling operations at airports in an organised, JIG compliant way.

Several airports can be integrated into the system in a way allowing all data to be seen in a single application.

OntecJetAir system can be used for monitoring inspection history as well as for recording and reporting deficiencies identified. All is done in accordance with the Joint Inspection Group JIG quality standards.

Documentation and written archive of all events always available

Features of the OntecJetAir jet fuel quality management system include:

  • Tank measurements
  • Automatic sampling
  • Automatic measurement of water content in a sample
  • Differential pressure monitoring
  • Consignment notes
  • Gas concentration measurements
  • Weather stations
  • Lighting
  • Firewater system
  • Alarm and event history

The system reminds the user of unfinished inspections and sends automatic requests for correction on the basis of the entries made. The system can also be used for recording the repair history and scheduled maintenance, as well as for producing reports required by the authorities. Entries can also be made directly from the refuellers.

Reminders, repair requests, reports and alarms are available by e-mail or even as a text message to the phone, also to several different addresses.

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