Ontec’s Story

Ontec Oy is already more than 20 years old private Finnish high-tech company. We specialise in OGC, energy and aviation industry control systems and software products. Fuel handling with Ontec products is possible from refinery to end-customer tank. Our customers are mainly global tech leaders committed to environmental safety and a cleaner future. Ontec can provide aviation experts with niché products for their specific needs compliant with the international JIG standard regulating aviation fuel handling and storage. In the 2020s our company has pledged to concentrate on system solutions for handling bio-based liquid fuels.

Our slogan is ‘Steps Ahead’. Ontec was the first company in the world to develop a MID (Measurement Instrument Directive) approved digital connection with flowmeters enabling usage of data of volume, mass and density in a MID approved manner. We are considered as one of the leading MID experts in this field.

Security sector and international partnerships

Our expertise is not self-proclaimed; we are trusted by several players in the safety, security and defence sector.

Despite its Finnish core, Ontec is an international player with a portfolio of successful projects in 17 different countries in Europe, Asia, Middle-East as well as Northern and Southern America. Global companies trust Ontec’s Nordic quality when there is no room for mistakes.

Ontec timeline
Ontec Journey Timeline