Cooperating With the Best – Presenting H. TIMM Elektronik Gmbh From Germany

Ontec has been the official distributor of German TIMM since 2007. TIMM is the market leader as a developer and manufacturer of high-quality safety and security technology for intelligent explosion protection and renewable energy. We recently discussed the cooperation between Ontec and TIMM with the company Head of Sales, Dr Alexander Zelck.

Dr Alexander Zelck


Doctor of Engineering from University of Rostock, GER


Registered Officer and Head of Sales in H. Timm Elektronik GmbH since 2013


Guide clients and partners to safe loading processes for flammable liquids and bulk solids.

When choosing partners to work with, Ontec places great emphasis on experience, quality and professionalism. TIMM is a true professional, a real Made in Germany company. Its products are 100% developed, designed, tested and assembled in Germany. TIMM has an R&D department, testing laboratories and its own production lines, which means everything is done in-house. This is to guarantee the clients with the highest possible quality.  “Product testing procedures are done according to rigid international standards and it takes years to get a new product into production, as the required testing protocols take a considerable time to finish”, tells Dr Zelck.

TIMM product line includes grounding control and overfill prevention devices, providing safety on tank farms, ports, airports and other significant industrial sites from the arctic circle to deserts of Kuwait.

The company was originally working only in Germany and central Europe. TIMM started taking active steps towards the international markets in 2010. Today TIMM’s technology is in global use and the company exports to 40 countries with 30 international distributors in 21 countries.

Cooperation with Ontec

Ontec has been an official distributor of TIMM for 13 years. According to Dr Zelck Ontec was chosen as its distributor due to the company’s reputation as a professional system supplier, who could be trusted to represent TIMM’s brand in Finland. Dr Zelck tells TIMM has been happy with the cooperation and hopes it will continue for many years to come.

According to Dr Zelck, Ontec has been using the whole product line of TIMM, which means Ontec has practical hands-on knowledge of TIMM’s technology.

“Apart from intelligent control systems and software, the right kind of instrumentation is a truly important element in operating a cost-effective tank farm. We also recommend using TIMM’s products together with our systems”, tells Ontec’s Managing Director Kare Kupiainen. “We have a long experience in working with the harshest weather conditions. Our customers have to trust the professional choices we make concerning instrumentation. This is why we only work with the best manufacturers in the world. What is particularly great about TIMM”, he adds, “is the high-level technical support they provide. TIMM gives you professional, researched answers and does so without any delay. We can always trust their technical experts to get all the advice and data we require – fast.”

Suitability of TIMM’s technology for the Nordic climate is also confirmed by Dr Zelck “Our equipment works perfectly in temperatures as low as -40C, which cannot be said about many other manufacturers. This is one of the best ways for us to differentiate in the Nordic market.”

New premises

H. TIMM Elektronik GmbH recently moved into their own, brand new facilities. The company is investing in the future and is growing rapidly. The focus in the future will be more on renewable energy industries, which coincides also with Ontec’s strategy.