Ontec’s busy spring

Everyone at Ontec Oy from the office to the production is busy meeting their deadlines. Several large industrial modernisation projects are underway, using Ontec’s own software products. As an example, an intelligent liquid handling and measuring system not only allows higher operational efficiency but also gives the measurements MID status in accordance with EU Measurement Instruments Directive. Typically, the projects are time-critical and schedules are tight.

”Current domestic and foreign projects are interesting as well as challenging. Operations in industrial zones never cease”, tells Ontec’s Managing Director Kare Kupiainen, “We are used to working in complex environments. This is why we are selected for such projects. We have also gained a reputation as a professional and trusted partner when it comes to maintenance. Another reason is the high cybersecurity of our products. But most importantly, we can offer our customers intelligent systems, making their life easier and their production more efficient. There is no program system in the world that one could compare with ours. Ontec software is the leading technology in the field.”

The Ontec product system includes everything from access and safety control to documentation, actual liquid handling and measuring, monitoring system upkeep and so on. This autonomous system can be seamlessly integrated with all Ontec products, as well as other industrial upper and lower-level systems. “This is particularly important for our customers. We develop our software continuously with our customers to serve them better,” emphasises Kupiainen.

Apart from software, Ontec’s deliveries include several other parts. The MiloEX loading/unloading driver panels seen in the photo have been developed by Ontec.

Full system provider and cybersecurity

”The level of cybersecurity in any system is only as strong as its weakest link is”, states Kupiainen. ”We are a full system provider. It also means we code our software from start to finish with our own employees. If we would trust endless chains of subcontractors to do the job, the situation would be very different. We do not view cybersecurity as just being about lines of code. Cybersecurity is crucial when planning integrations with other systems. As we are able to create wide, fully integrated systems using our own software products, the level of cybersecurity becomes higher for the whole entity. Without exaggeration, it can be stated that cyber and environmental safety are the key elements of any industrial product.”

Ontec keeps growing

Despite the trying times, Ontec has been able to keep on growing. When other industries have been experiencing cuts, Ontec has been recruiting new employees practically every other month. The company even outgrew its premises and had to take additional facilities into use. ”We have been able to hire new talent at the right time and with a great success rate, which has helped us meet the high demand we are experiencing. We will have a continuous need for experts in the future as well.”

The green wave of change is already here

”Lately, we have been able to gain significant new customers and international projects because of our intelligent software systems capable of handling, among other things, bioproducts”, says Kupiainen. ”The green wave of change is here and we all are facing it. It’s like everyone woke up and realised we cannot go on like this. Ontec is committed to being part of the solution and creating a cleaner future. There is a growing market for cleantech and we are working hard to meet the demand.”

Measurement Instruments Directive (MID)

Lately, there has been growing interest to have liquid measuring systems MID certified. ”Many old liquid measuring systems are becoming obsolete and companies doing business in liquids are now thinking about renewing their measuring systems. Gradually, MID approved measuring is becoming a reality, as demanded by legislators. MID conformity has become so important that even organisations not required to have it, want their measuring systems with MID certification. A trustworthy measuring system is valued and expected by buyers, no matter what the business is”, tells Kupiainen.

What is MID?

MID stands for Measurement Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Union, controlling manufacturing and trade of measurement instruments. The Directive regulates measuring systems and software of liquids other than water, such as liquid chemicals.