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Industrial security refers to all actions that promote competitiveness, improve productivity, and ensure continuity, safety and compliance in all situations in the company.

The company’s operational environment is a diverse, demanding and constantly changing space. Therefore, safety-related solutions must be designed multi-layered and complementary. Good industrial security begins from the company’s operating activities and is included in the product or service all the way to the end

At Ontec, we create products where quality is formed through responsible manufacturing for safe use, taking into account the entire lifecycle of the product.

Industrial security can be viewed by categorys:

  • Workplace safety
  • Business premises and facility security
  • Product safety
  • Personnel security
  • Security management
  • Information- and cybersecurity
  • Operational security
  • Business continuity
  • OntecCyberSecurity

    OntecCyberSecurity takes into account all aspects of industrial security. Build your company’s security from inside out with a multi-layered – and complementary solutions.

    OntecCyberSecurity -solutions

  • Up-to-date software at all locations
  • Access control with RFID tags identified in all spaces
  • Pre-standardised and certified products and systems
  • Work permits, training and access rights under management
  • Safety is built from the inside out
  • User-specific identification and access rights by task
  • The principles of cybersecurity are the basis of software design
  • Ensure business continuity with customized solutions
  • What is cyber security?

    The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is an authority in permit, licence, registration, approval, safety and security matters. Here their definition of cyber scurity:

    Kyberturvallisuus by Traficom

    Cyber security refers to the measures that an organisation can use to protect it´s critical business systems, software, devices and data communications networks against any cyber threats.

    Cyber threats are harmful events or processes that can affect an organisation’s operations, finances, data and, at worst, the continuity of it´s business.

    Direct quote: Traficom.