Our goal is to maximize the lifecycle of the product for the customer’s use

Industrial machinery, software and other systems lifecycle often takes decades and therefore product quality must be priority. At Ontec, the scalability of our products is one of the most important design bases. Therefore, any changes in the volume of data, -types and users processed will be considered already at the pre-planning stage. In practice, it is built on each of our products through the modularity of the software code and high-quality components and interfaces.

Ontec components

In addition to software code, components are the basis for product capability and performance. The endurance of the components as well as the system must be designed in such a way that the consumable parts are easily replaceable and equally easily increased. At Ontec, the equipment components are selected with 20 years of experience in high-quality and tested products that meet the customer’s changing requirements also in the future.

Ontec modules

Ontec products consist of extensive control systems for individual software products. All products work both individually – and together as standalone systems or features attached to existing configurations. Ontec modules can be used to build entities with MID and ATEX approval.

Modularity means that the software is divided into smaller subassemblies that communicate with each other through interfaces.

Ontec RTA Real-time acces control system, product module. Acces control with RFID indentification tags in all spaces
From lifecycle management point of wiev scalability is one of the key features in our products.

Modular design provides a simple logic that facilitates the construction and development of customer-specific functionalities at all stages of the product’s life cycle. In addition to functionality, the most important feature of a good software module is connectivity to the systems around it. With versatile interfaces, we ensure that additional customer-specific features can be integrated to the system as easily and effortlessly as possible, even later.

Benefits of modular design

  • Easily integrated with other modules
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems
  • Flexible and extensive customer features
  • The product family is easy to expand and develop
  • Simpler logic, easier making changes
  • Independent modules allow for parallel design and implementation methods
  • The integration of Ontec modules is based on a wide range of interfaces

    The established interfaces of Ontec products enable easy connectivity with existing systems. Ontec modules transfer data using SQL, OPC UA, XML interfaces and HTTP-based REST architecture. In addition to these, Ontec Cloud data transfer is done using the WCF interface protocol.

    Ontec interfaces

    From the very beginning, well-designed interfaces remain stable throughout the product development process, this is important because the interfaces of the modules fit seamlessly together even in custom-made solutions.

    With 20 years of experience and successful product development, we can produce long-term solutions for our customers’ needs.