Efficient project operations: OntecRTA safety foundation 2/5

The foundation of OntecRTA safety is the second part of the article series Efficient project activities. OntecRTA is a safety, security and access control system for industrial and high-security objects. OntecRTAhelps you to both manage and control companies, vehicles and persons inside the area. Control of the validity of required safety training and other qualifications can be fully automated. At times of emergency, locations of all personnel in the area can be seen from the system immediately. OntecRTA uses modern, ethernet compatible RFID-readers. The equipment is directly connected to the existing TCP/IP network, making access cabling obsolete.

RTA – Real-Time-Access, the foundation of corporate security

Industrial security is built on solutions that must be designed multi-layered and complementary. The OntecRTA security and access control system is a very important part of the Ontec product family and the industrial security of our customers. The system controls software access rights, access rights to an area or space, the number of people or vehicles moving there, the time spent in the area, and the validity of training and permits. RTA works as standalone software but can be integrated into existing systems as well as built as part of the Ontec TMS system.

Terminal Automation System
Terminal Management System

A typical RTA system delivery consists of OntecRTA software, RFID readers and unique RFID tags (ID cards and/or tags). One system can hold hundreds of readers and thousands of users. The RTA system can be used to identify both persons and vehicles. In addition to readers, the OntecMiloEx user panel designed for loading liquids, for example, has a built-in RFID reader.

RTA is usually installed on a local server, but the system also works as a cloud service if needed. The access of a person or vehicle to the area is always based on up-to-date information.


Improved safety – automated alarms when time limits exceeded

Current information at all times who is located in your premisses and why

Permit-to-work and qualifications always up to date – higher environmental and operative safety

Fast detection of everyone on site in cases of emergency

Article series about Ontec projects 2/5

This is the second part of a series of articles on Ontec’s projects and the software, control systems and equipment used in them. In the next part of the article series, we will go through access control solutions in projects.

Ontec products in projects

Why Ontec

Ontec invest heavily in product development and continuously collect feedback from our customers on our products. We actively monitor the development of the industry and pay special attention to the ease of use and reliability of our products. Ontec is a leading expert in our field and have invested especially in MID expertise since 2004.

Total deliveries

Total deliveries: MID and ATEX turnkey supplier, software and control system modules are the result of consistent product development.


Know-how, agility, and response time, as well as overall management, we know the customer’s production process, we can offer customers comprehensive solutions.


OntecCyberSecurity takes into account all aspects of corporate security. Build your company’s security from the inside out on multiple levels and with mutually supportive solutions.