Spring is time for projects

Ontec’s spring projects are thriving. Software and control system deliveries are directed to both domestic and international destinations. Projects in Greenland, Germany and Finland have kept Ontec’s personnel busy.

The hustle and bustle of work is at its best when project equipment deliveries are in progress. So far, the projects have gone through several phases, the latest of which is the testing of equipment and systems, as well as the final fine-tuning of customer requests. Next up is the deployment of systems and devices by customers across the Nordic countries.


In the spring deliveries, the SKID entity standardized in 2022, i.e. Ontec MiloX, will be particularly represented. Ontec MiloX is a liquid measurement and loading system that is EU Module B and MID approved for ATEX zones. The MiloX system is delivered as a one-time delivery and only needs a product line connection to work. The MiloX option brings efficiency to the customer both in the change project and in use. The system is cost-effective and easy to implement, and no separate demonstrations of conformity are left on the customer’s shoulders.

Ontec MiloX is a liquid measurement and loading system

Ontec software and control systems

Ontec software and control systems take care of the company’s access and safety monitoring, process control, liquid loading in MID approved ATEX areas with up-to-date maintenance all the way to documentation and reporting. Ontec’s software is ready-made modules that work both independently and as interconnected entities. Integrations with existing systems are easy through versatile interface interfaces. Industry- and customer-specific requirements are implemented on a project-by-project basis.

Ontec Cyber Security is the foundation of everything

Ontec Cyber Security takes into account the security of the entire company, both at the code level and in physical access control. Cyber security refers to measures taken by an organization to protect the systems, software, devices and telecommunications connections needed in its business operations from cyber threats. Correspondingly, corporate security refers to all activities that promote competitiveness, improve productivity and ensure continuity, security and compliance in all situations.

OntecRTI Real-Time Information

The Ontec product family has grown with RTI (Real Time Information) that can be used for logging in the field. The RTI interface is an Android-based, 8″ tablet. The device is suitable for zone 1 and is an ATEX 2G device. OntecRTI has a multi-touch display that is also equipped with an S Pen. The operating environment temperature of the device can be in the range of -20 … +55 °C. The OntecRTI user interface is browser-based for Ontec applications.