Efficient project operations: Liquid loading 3/5

Efficiency and reliability are key factors in fluid logistics operations. With twenty years of experience and strong industry expertise, the software saves time and resources on many levels. The OntecMilo and MiloEx touch screen are designed for logistics of liquids such as fuels, chemicals, biomaterials and liquefied gases. We have very extensive experience in, for example, various assemblies in the process industry. As a result of Ontec Oy’s product development, MID (Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU) approved software was created already in 2013.

OntecMilo – Liquid loading system

The OntecMilo loading system is the perfect solution for handling liquids such as fuels, LPGs and chemicals. The system is also suitable for handling bio-based products. The system has been built to meet both legal and customer requirements. We always implement industry-specific requirements and additional features on a customer- and project-specific basis.


Load management

Vehicle management

Loading management

Customer management

Product management, recipes

User management



Load planning and message interfaces to existing systems are basic functions of OntecMilo. In addition to plans, the system also shows actual loading and quantitative realizations. Managing and browsing load data is quick and simple. The system includes both load tags and loading status.

Information management is built into clear entities. For example, defining and managing vehicle data for transport companies is easy with Milo software. Information management also includes maintaining customer information, including contact and invoicing, and monitoring of tax information and inventories.

Customer-specific product and additive recipes are easy to manage in one place. Possible loading arms and locations as well as product identifiers can also be entered into the system.

During loading, the program shows the loading process and flow speed in real time.

OntecMilo benefits

  • Recipe systems for each customer product and additives
  • Real-time starage management
  • Preventing fraud
  • Higher environmental and operative safety
  • Required multi-channel support available

MiloEx touch screen for harsh conditions

Equipment selection is one of the most important areas in customer deliveries. The industry, operating environment, special requirements for the liquids used (e.g. ATEX), MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) requirements for equipment, custody transfer and knowledge of the end user’s needs are our strong areas of expertise. Our goal is to maximize the life cycle of products for customer use through high-quality pre-design, equipment selection and maintenance.

The MiloEx loading terminal has been developed for drilling platform conditions and is therefore also suitable for Nordic conditions.

MiloEx touch screen

  • -40….+70°C
  • ATEX 2(1)G
  • RFID-readers
  • IP66
  • 21,5″ touch screen, FullHD
  • Dust proof

Article series about Ontec projects

This is the third part of a series of articles on Ontec’s projects and the software, control systems and equipment used in them. In the next part of the article series, we will go through compliant OnatecMID system and OntecRTM Service record software.

Ontec products in projects

Why Ontec

Ontec invest heavily in product development and continuously collect feedback from our customers on our products. We actively monitor the development of the industry and pay special attention to the ease of use and reliability of our products. Ontec is a leading expert in our field and have invested especially in MID expertise since 2004.

Total deliveries

MID and ATEX turnkey supplier, software and control system modules are the result of consistent product development.


Know-how, agility, and response time, as well as overall management, we know the customer’s production process, we can offer customers comprehensive solutions.


OntecCyberSecurity takes into account all aspects of corporate security. Build your company’s security from the inside out on multiple levels and with mutually supportive solutions.